Real estate investor software

Finding it difficult to manage the real estate business Real estate software will help in managing your business easily and conveniently. There are various advantages of using the software they include an integrated and automated sales and service process. It helps to ensure that the interests of every customer are explored and customer satisfaction attained. The real time updates on sales and collections and cash flows will help in creating orders from prospective buyers. Your brand value will naturally be enhanced through better service. It will help you provide better control over your sales and marketing process and improve the productivity of your sales and service team.

The sophisticated features would help to register complaints across channels into a single platform and provides secure and accurate handling of every complaint which will be tracked to its conclusion. The complaints will be tracked with a tracking number for follow up internally and to communicate with customers. The routing notification and escalation processes are completely automated. The software allows a configuration to suit your customer service processes and service level agreements. It assists in adding configuring departments processes easily and quickly. It provides a 24 hour service through the website. It also provides for optional integration with call centers and other applications. The performance the company can be easily and efficiently monitored consistently. It allows for an executive management interface for real time reviews and analysis.

Installing the software would help your sales executives to handle more customers, who in turn can be serviced with less staff. More projects can be managed in less time. All enquires can dealt with simultaneously it is highly cost efficient &increase; your sales at the same time.

The software can be used as stand alone or networked. The database can searched easily and allows for fast data entry. It allows for your property listings to be published to your website. You can also create personalized e mails with full color details. You can use the software to print full color brochures, catalogues, reports letters labels and business cards. The software can be customized to suit your business and exported to other formats also. The advantage is that it is extremely easy to understand and use.

It allows for the customization look content and categorization of web listings. It allows you to print property details of a single property or multiple properties instantly. The editable templates allows for the instant printing of window cards, reports, letters and envelopes business cards and labels. It also allows you to email you clients with your own windows application. Any report flyer or brochure can be attached with the emails.

The adaptability the software allows is such that database records can be easily exported instantly. The layout can be saved and reloaded when you need it. Options for editing document settings and permissions. The software allows for the preferences of customers to be stored and matched with the available properties. A customer with a variety of choices can have a set of preferences for each property of his liking. It also generates letters with property details. A personalized email can also be generated keeping the clients preferences in mind.

You can also track all related events with the software. Repots and letters can be generated for each event individually or for multiple events. When an offer is received a letter can be generated. When required an appointment letter for viewing can also be generated. A report concerning the events for various events can also be generated. The report could also include inspections, showings, open houses, offers and closing tasks.