Shopping for Kitchen Cabinets Let the Adventure Begin!

When we decided to renovate the kitchen, we quickly realized that kitchen cabinets are expensive. There are a large amount of choices ranging from your average cabinet on the store shelf to the RTA – ready to assemble cabinets that are becoming more popular. Keep in mind, there is an equal amount of junk cabinets that are over priced. So how do you find a good cabinet at a fair price

We found various kitchen cabinet web sites and then stumbled across RTA cabinets. While laying out the kitchen ourselves, it became apparent that we could easily assemble the cabinets as well, so it then became an easy decision to choose RTA Cabinets.

Everyone is accustomed to going to a hardware store and paying high prices for kitchen cabinets. Now, you can go online, order cabinets, find a much larger and better selection, and have the kitchen cabinets delivered to your door. Another nice feature is that these cabinets are actually made of better material than the cabinets you would buy at Home Depot, IKEA, or Lowes. The preceding stores use wood faces (the door of the cabinets), but the rest of the cabinets are made of cardboard or particleboard. It sounds strange to say cardboard for a kitchen cabinet but these stores are selling cabinets that are made of high grade cardboard.

On the other hand, RTA cabinets are made of solid wood faces and solid plywood sidesbacks. RTA cabinets are imported directly, saving you money because there is no retail to increase the overhead expenses. If there is a negative aspect about the cabinet, it could be that they have to be assembled. Fortunately, all these cabinets can be assembled with a screwdriver and nothing else. Each cabinet has only one page of directions, so assembly can be done by almost everyone.

So remember that the typical RTA Kitchen cabinet is 30% to 45% less than a retail cabinet! The RTA cabinets are a better choice because of the real wood used in the cabinets and because of the lower price. Also, include the convenience of home shopping and the delivery to your house. Because of all this, the best bet is going online and looking for an RTA kitchen cabinet website.


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